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    shoutout to shaun and laurelle for making the prettiest humans that i ever did see

  • koreykuhl:


    Korey Kuhl arriving tweets appreciation post

    I have arrived.

  • tyleroakley:

    Thanks @theartofdreams for expertly capturing my love for Disney and pastel hair.

  • tyleroakley:

    NEW VIDEO: “Bow Down & Pray To Me - okay the thumbnail & title will make sense if you watch it… so… watch it. Reblog if you want me to stalk your blog! :]

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  • tomlinsonunicorns:

    gesturing to your boyfriend who’s receiving an award that you’re gonna suck his dick later like

  • oh .. boyfriend? (x)

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  • a-boy-like-trxye:

    Ok so Molixvia made this cute lil troyler edit and i added a cute lil text. Enjoy?